About the founder

Telena Longmore
CEO and Manager

I have over 10 years of experience working with children and young adults. I am a passionate and nurturing individual with a particular interest in children’s care and development.

My passion led me to work in various settings, from being a nanny to a play-leader at a summer club in Muswell Hill (where I gained extensive experience in working with children with autism and special needs) to working with vulnerable young adults in hostels for LB Camden.

Most recently I worked at St Michael’s primary school working with children aged four to 11. It is here that I gained firsthand knowledge of children’s education. I was able to gain experience in the classroom and ran my own after school clubs. I received several commendations from parents for my work with the children.

While looking for childcare; I discovered the importance of having a safe, loving, and stimulating environment for my child. This prompted me to pursue a career in childminding, where I believe I can offer the best level of care for children.

I studied primary education at Middlesex University and also have certificates in childcare, child education, autism awareness, and many more. I am OFSTED registered. I have pediatric first aid training, safeguarding, and food hygiene certification.